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My Memories Of My Memory Essay - 1177 Words

Going through my memory bank to remember something I learned, which seems so long ago, has made me laugh because roller skating pops right into my head. Out of all things to remember that was my worst and most exciting learning experience. I could not even tell you how old I was. I would guess between five and eight years old. I remember getting a big brown box and in that box was a pair of roller skates. I remember being so happy because I going to roller skate with all the other kids in the apartment complex, so I thought. Playing with the other kids was not hard to do, but skating was difficult thing to learn. Once I put those skates on, I could not stand upright. I would fall forward on my knees or backwards on my backside. I remember my arms flying all over the place. A couple of kids grabbed my hands to help me, so I would not fall, but I still fell down. After some time, I learned to master standing completely still and only being able to move my head from left to right. I managed to scoot and hold on to the walls to get around, but when I let go to move on my own, I just landed on the ground. Each time I tried to use my foot to push, I would just tip over. I must have looked like a tree falling over each time. I was unable to keep up with my friends, which meant I had many tantrums. I stood there hurt because I had fallen so many times that I had cut up my knees and hands and at that moment, I decided I was not skating anymore. Being physically hurtShow MoreRelatedMy Memories Of My Me mory903 Words   |  4 PagesMy earliest memory stretches as far back as I can remember. I know all the details of my birth and the hospital when I was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, but of course not from memory. All of these details have been hammered into my head by our parents. Many memories are embedded in our brains. Some are more retrievable than others. The way we remember these memories may have occurred that way or they may have been a little different than we remember. Now let’s see if I can rummage into my deepestRead MoreMy Memories Of My Childhood Memories Essay1127 Words   |  5 PagesMy earliest childhood memory is of the first time I met my mother in person when I was four. A beautiful woman whose personality seemed to glow from her. I had seen a picture of her before then I was told by Mummy Dada, my aunt, so I knew her on sight. The woman I saw walk in the room as I watched from my grandfather’s lap seemed effervescent. She floated from perso n to person at the family reunion like an angel. My mother is one of thirteen children my grandpa has. My brother cousin wanted to playRead MoreMy Memories Of My Childhood Memories864 Words   |  4 PagesMany of my fondest childhood memories involved a stuffed lamb doll and one of my grandfather s old stethoscopes. Ever the precocious seven-year-old, I would often stand beside my grandfather while he examined his patients. Watching him carefully, I mimicked his every move, an act that rarely failed to pull a laugh out of even the sickest of patients. Even in these moments of childhood play, though, I noticed the sheer joy and relief that his healing hands had the capacity to bring to the sufferingRead MoreMy Memories : My Childhood Memories1999 Words   |  8 PagesI will be comparing my childhood and my friend A childhood memories. My childhood is full of memories. Some are good and some are bad, but generally speaking I would classify most of them as good, throughout my childho od there has been a word my parents always use to say every time I fell and hurt myself which was â€Å"you will forget when you grow up† it was true I really have forgotten. I had two young, funny, happily married parents, a lovely younger sister, and an extended family that lived closeRead MoreMy Memories : My Childhood Memories840 Words   |  4 PagesIt is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. -Aristotle Onassis Many of my fondest childhood memories involved a stuffed lamb doll and one of my grandfather s old stethoscopes. As a precocious seven-year-old, I would often stand beside my grandfather while he examined his patients. Watching him carefully, I mimicked his every move, an act that rarely failed to pull a laugh out of even the sickest of patients. Even in these moments of childhood play, I noticed the sheerRead MoreMy Memories A Favorite Memory880 Words   |  4 PagesAn individual’s childhood memory has impacted them in some way whether it be emotionally or physically. From one memory to another, good or bad, develops the entity of a person’s personality or logic. I considered one of my worst memories a favorite memory because, from that experience, I gained development as an individual. The start of that development occurred on vacation without my parents attending. Like any other child, I became very enthusiastic of the whole idea of freedom and self-guidanceRead MoreMy Memories - Original Memories1255 Words   |  6 PagesOne of my earliest memories, as a young child growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, was the visits to my Nan’s home in south Ealing, west London. My family had moved from London to live in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare in the mid 1960s. We had travelled to Weston by steam train but on returning to London for a visit, by the end of the 1960s, the coal eating steam trains were out and the odorous smell of diesel trains were in. The same steam engine carriages were still in use and were madeRead MoreMy Memories - Original Memories907 Words   |  4 PagesMy earliest memories I could think of is when I was probably five years old. That was a year before I started Kindergarten. I was always bored because we didn t have television. We had the radio where we listen to for news, sports, drama series, and even typhoons update. At age five I would wake up before six in the morning because my mother would get so angry if I ever stayed on bed passed six o’clock. I would fix our bed, brush my teeth, and sweep the entire yard. That was my routine every morningRead MoreMemories Of My Life : Memories946 Words   |  4 PagesMemories of My Life I was raised in Oaxaca Mexico, in a little town of no more than 2,000 people. My little town was an isolated and calm place where each day was an adventure with many new things and places to discover. My mornings were almost always cold with cold wind blowing that made me shiver each time I would step outside. Also, there were not many toys to play with but my friends and I had something better than toys, that was our imagination. The resources that nature gave us such asRead MoreMy Memories Of My Life941 Words   |  4 Pagesthree different environments over the course of my epic childhood. All of these places, in my mind, are all very unique and have their own special memory inside of my mind. Today, I will describe the three place I have lived over my life so far and the main components that made them special to me; such as family and the home I lived in. My birthplace and the first place I experienced living was in a town called Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. My memories of this place are very limited since I only lived

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Communist Leaders of the 20th Century - 5824 Words

Leadership Management, MBA 710 November 17, 2009 Communist Leaders of the 20th Century Vladimir Lenin, Ho Chi Minh and Moa Zedong were all leaders who were visionaries and revolutionaries who changed the world. They used communist ideals and propaganda to engage peasants and the working class to fight for freedom and to preserve their cultural values. Each leader and his followers successfully changed the economic and political structure of their countries as well as influencing the rest of the world for decades to come. Vladimir Lenin – Russian Revolutionary Prologue Vladimir Lenin was a Bolshevik Leader for the 1917 October Revolution, and the first Head of State for the Soviet Union. His contribution to†¦show more content†¦Driven by oppression and exploitation of the working classes, he was totally dedicated to the cause, even ending friendships that obstructed the movement’s progress. He masterminded the Bolshevik takeover of power in Russia in 1917, known as the October Revolution. Situational Events During the First World War, Russia was suffering and in chaos and Lenin took his chance to overthrow the provisional government and founded the first Socialist state in the world. In power the Bolshevik Party became known as the Communist Party and the realities of governing such a huge and diverse country, brought to its knees by war, famine and disease, quickly displaced the aspirations and optimism of the people’s revolution. Certainly, Lenin was intelligent, enthusiastic, and a strong willed person. However, possession of the all those traits does not necessarily explain the phenomena of being an effective leader. At the same time, the situational factors are very important considerations that influence success or failure. Situational influences play crucial role in leadership success. There were many critical situational factors that had an effect on the revolutionary process in October 1917. †¢ The country was exhausted by war with Germany (the I World War 1914-1917). †¢ The Government did not have enough money to continue the war. With poor equipment, a lack of food and medicine, and epidemicsShow MoreRelatedCommunism And Its Impact On The World1583 Words   |  7 Pagesof countries in the entire world, having originated in Russia. The first official communist state was founded during the Russian revolutions in 1917, due to the inaugural communist political party ‘Bolsheviks’ gaining primal power. Afterwards, the influence of communism spread to other countries with the likes of Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and East Germany to name a few. These countries that were governed on communist principles were known as the ‘Eastern Bloc’. Even countries in Asia were persuadedRead MoreStalin and Mao960 Words   |  4 PagesRed Banners) Study Outline : The first half of the 20th century saw the rise of some single-party states and the rise to power of some of the famous and controversial figures. Leaders of these states, such as Hitler, Mao and Stalin, not only influenced other countries around the world, but also changed their countries internally as well. In Russia and China, Stalin and Mao built themselves up as a great and god-like leaders, they promoted personality cult and also forced their countriesRead MorePol Pot vs. Adolf Hitler Essay1237 Words   |  5 PagesSuccessful leaders often share multiple similarities in the choices they make with their power; however, there also tend to be numerous differences between the executions of their respective rules. Though Communist leader Pol Pot and German nationalist Adolf Hitler can be compared in several ways, there are also myriad differences between their ascendancies. The social dispositions and executions of Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot, although similar in several ways, al so differed for numerous reasons duringRead MoreRevolutionary Movements Essay1293 Words   |  6 Pages Revolutionary Movements With the 20th century, many new revolutionary movements have come into the focus of world politics. Of these, fascism is one of the most difficult to put into a proper context. Many scholars through the years have tried to place fascism and answer the seemingly simple question of What is Fascism? It can be described in several versions depending on the scholar. The most familiar version is the right/left idea, while the democratic/non-democraticRead MoreKhmer Rouge And Pol Pot Downfall1485 Words   |  6 Pagesdownfall â€Å"To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss.† These are the words the leader of the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot. His plan to convert Cambodia’s capitalistic economy to a communist economy failure is what inevitably led to the cause of the Cambodian Genocide. Pol Pot is responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million Cambodians during his reign between 1975-1979. Pol Pot, a man who valued Mao’s Chinese communist way of living, saw the cities as the heart of capitalism and therefore it had to beRead More Crisis, Peace Essay651 Words   |  3 Pages Crisis, Unrest, and the Possibility for Peace nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;True to many observers that since there hasnt been any major conflicts to start the second half of the 20th century that there should be peace and prosperity in the world. The truth though shows a different picture of this time period. Prosperity was very prevelent in the world and many of the countries that were ravaged during the second World War did quite well after. Aid from outside countriesRead More The Vietnam War Essay1721 Words   |  7 Pagesthe beliefs held by people who wanted to change or to prevent Vietnam becoming an Independent Country. Many people suffered due to these beliefs and policies and that the Vietnam War is now considered as one of the most distressing moments in the 20th Century. So why did the US become involved in the Vietnam War? What was Ho Chi Minh thinking when he was fighting for Nationalism? Who was Diem? And why was the Vietnam War have such a devesting impact on both the US and Vietnam. The civil war betweenRead MoreSavannah Whiting, Carson Lilley, Kennethan Heng . Mr. Porter.1168 Words   |  5 Pagesmonarchs who used these colonies as another form of revenue. After the American and French Revolutions of the late 17th century, colonies of South America followed their lead; starting revolutions against their leaders that had ruled them for too long. It began with the Haitian Revolution. A revolution lasting between 1791 to 1804; Haiti was trying to break away from their notorious leader, Napoleon Bonaparte. The Haitian Revolution was successful in being the first slave uprising that would lead themRead MoreGamal Abdel Nasser1732 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferences. These conditions allow a single party leader to arise through the creation of a political ideology that provides a solution to one or more of these crisis s. The concept of a single party state is one that is unique to the 20th century. Before the 20th century, single party states were most similar to abso lute monarchies- where a monarch exercises all rights to govern and rule their country. There are many 20th century single party state leaders, amongst these is Gamal Abdel Nasser, a manRead MoreThe Era Of A New World Essay1129 Words   |  5 PagesMethods of achieving modernity or any empire wide ideal has always required force, but the methods of the empires drastically changed during the 20th century and became much more severe and deadly. The 20th century was an era of a new imperialism. The extensive properties of this imperialism reached a new height as 80% of the Earth’s land surface dominated by either a European country or America. In previous imperialist periods, empires faced practical difficulties with expansion, such as man power

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Fantasy Vs. Reality Where are you going, Where have you...

Fantasy versus Reality in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates has a constant theme of reality and fantasy running parallel for 15 year old Connie. This short story begins with a description of Connie’s vain personality. The narrator describes her as pretty and self-centered (Oates 421). To emphasize her selfishness, Connie is contrasted with her sister, June, who is chubby, plain, and well-behaved. Connie’s mother always praises June for her work ethic and help around the house, but says Connie can’t do anything due to â€Å"trashy daydreams†. There isn’t much of a father figure in Connie’s life due to her father being away for work most of the time and detached when†¦show more content†¦She tries to relate to sex through popular music that romanticizes relationships and life. The short reveals how it affects Connie when she is listening to a popular radio station, â€Å"†¦bathed in a glow of slow-pulsed joy that seemed to rise mysteriously out of the music itself and lay languidly about the airless little room† (Oates 424). Additionally, Connie felt her date with Eddie was similar to â€Å"the way it was in movies and promised in songs†(Oates 424). She felt she was living the dream and was beginning to relate to this sexualized, romantic media. In Marie Mitchell and Olesen Urbanski’s literary review of the story, they state â€Å"the recurring music then, while ostensibly innocuous realistic detail, is in fact, the vehicle of Connies seduction and because of its intangibility, not immediately recognizable as such† (1). However, Arnold Friend was quick to remind her of her young age and innocence at the end of the story. When Connie first hears a car pulling up in her driveway, her attention is immediately directed to her hair and looks. She isn’t concerned as much about who is outside or what they want, but how see will look to them. When she initially sees Arnold she is attracted to his style and car. He is muscular in tight faded jeans and a drives a bright gold jalopy. His image is everything that Connie has fantasized about and can relate to. Arnold is even playingShow MoreRelatedThe Youngest Doll1174 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout the year we have read many stories where reality and fantasy come into question. Once again we have this same problem with â€Å"The Youngest Doll†. What makes us question reality or fantasy in the story is the vivid description the author gives of the dolls that the aunt makes for the girls. With the description of the â€Å"wax mask of the child’s face† or the â€Å"porcelain of the hands and face†, it gives off the allusion that what may seem as a reality may in fact be a fantasy and it is that allusionRead MoreArnold Friend Symbolism1115 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been†, was published by Joyce Carol Oates. She was born on June 16th, 1938 in Lockport, New York. As an American writer, Oates published over 40 novels, as well as a number of plays, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction. Out of her works, one of her publications consisted of the short story â€Å"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been†. This particular story was about a teenage girl, named Connie, who encounters an unknown, demonic â€Å"stranger† (Arnold Friend). ThroughoutRead MoreFantasy Rhetoric Essay1619 Words   |  7 PagesFantasy Rhetoric: Summary and Analysis of Katherine Fowkes’s Fantasy Films A Rhetoric Analysis consists of a multitude of attributes some larger than others and some not specifically require. Among those are certain attributes that are what provides the foundation of any Rhetoric work, Logos, Pathos, and Ethos or persuasive appeal. My job is to show you the other attributes consisting of the context of the argument, the authors’ attitude, and the tone of the overall work. So first I will haveRead MoreHarry Potter And The Deathly Hallows4316 Words   |  18 Pagesof 15 to 24 however younger and older audiences will also be attracted. Fans of the books and people who have followed the franchise will go and see the film. Genre is the type of film. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is an Epic Fantasy Film. This means it will have a certain common characteristics. Meaning we expect to see certain common characteristics in these films which have the same Genre. Meaning they follow conventions that are followed by each genre and codes that apply to whatRead MoreThe Portrayal Of Illusion Vs. Reality1718 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish P4 6 December 2015 The Portrayal of Illusion VS. Reality in A Streetcar Named Desire Have you ever submerged yourself into a word of illusion to escape from the cold hearted reality of the world? This theme of escaping from reality and into illusions is explored throughout the play, A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. What exactly is the difference between illusion and reality? An illusion is a deceptive idea or belief whereas reality is the actual state in which the world actuallyRead MoreConflicts Between Urban And Rural Life And Split Society s View On Morality1483 Words   |  6 PagesSeparate Ways by Higuchi Ichiyo was written in Japan during the Meiji period where the urbanization of cities changed rural life and split society s view on morality. Sealed Off by Zhang Ailing was written in China during World War II after the fall of Hong Kong to the Japanese. Even though the texts’ origins differ, one can see the prominent role of human relationships in both texts. Despite the failure of overcoming damage done by outside social forces, Separ ate Ways and Sealed Off’’s charactersRead MoreAnalysis Of Tim O Brien s Going After The 1804 Words   |  8 PagesPaul in Wonderland: Reality vs. Fantasy in Tim O’Brien’s Going After Cacciato On the surface, Tim O’Brien’s 1978 novel Going After Cacciato seems like a typical telling of the Vietnam War from the perspective of one of the soldiers as the Third Squad searches for Cacciato, a soldier who has gone AWOL. However, a closer reading would reveal that the vast majority of the novel does not actually take place in reality. This search for Cacciato is a fantasy which takes place in Paul Berlin’s head, andRead MoreRelationship Between The And Of The Public s Eye By Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna1784 Words   |  8 Pageshaving a reality show makes it that much harder. So this is to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, I know the both of you have been bumpy throughout your short and fast-moving relationship. Thankfully, there are ways to explain how to succeed in a relationship including duration, anxiety reduction, variability, revelation, being mutually interdependent, proximity, and the fact that relationships are systemic. However, on the other hand, i dealization vs realization, perfect unity vs journey, privacy vs opennessRead MoreReality Vs. Fantasy : Quotes Notes1705 Words   |  7 PagesReality vs. Fantasy Quotes Notes 1. â€Å"Now, then, let me look at you. But don t you look at me, Stella, . no, no, no, not till later, not till I ve bathed and rested I And turn that over-light off!(1. 18-19). Blanche is living in her fantasy that she is so young and she is good looking and she expects everyone to say that her physical appearance is very beautiful. She is not accepting the fact that she is going to get old she is not going to stay young forever. She thinks she is taking bath in someRead MoreThe Effects Of Video Games On Society1274 Words   |  6 Pagesgames can affect ones mindset in so many different ways, where we don’t even realize it. For example playing â€Å"Grand Theft Auto† for a few hours will change your mindset. Even though it wouldn’t be in a tremendous way, but for a few minutes your mindset will think, â€Å"This game is so much fun, I want to steal cars, have police chase me, shoot at people, even steal helicopters†. According to Social scientists in t he New York Times, Many studies have shown that this is becoming a major issue because of how

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Data and information relative to Caterpillar, Inc. Essay Example For Students

Data and information relative to Caterpillar, Inc. Essay GO was collected via the internet. Current information was crucial to keeping the report timely and accurate. The five members assigned to the group wrote one section per person. Research was conducted on a separate basis, and construction of the report was on a group level. Each team member is responsible for their own assigned areas and nothing more. Financial AnalysisCaterpillar is a publicly traded corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its SIC codes indicate their main areas of enterprise are construction machinery, internal combustion engines, and short term business credit and insurance. But this dynamic company has many qualities underneath the surface of its image. These qualities are neither good nor bad. These are Caterpillars financial components. SalesCaterpillar, Inc. primary income is made from sales of machinery and engines . These sales are made to clients in construction, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Caterpillar divides their sales based on geographic location where the For example, third quarter sales were split between North America, EAME (Europe, Africa, and the Middle East), Latin America, and Asia. North America on average takes up 54% of total sales each quarter (see figure 1.)Total sales revenue for the third quarter 2000 amounted to $4.78 billion, one percent higher than the previous year third quarter. Sales volume increased by 2 percent and financial products increased by 12 percent. Caterpillar bases their sales upon two different tiers, although they sell a wide range of different products. The first breakdown consists of what they deem as machinery. The second area of sales consists of engines. Operating profit comparisons for the third quarters of 1999 and 2000 can be seen in table 1. Caterpillar has blamed third quarter deficiencies in revenue on the weak Eurodollar. Since 27 percent of their total sales are made in the European region, their claim may be true. As long as Caterpillar depends on foreign markets for sales, they will face problems with fluctuations in foreign currency. Receivables Caterpillar owns and operates a financing corporation to handle its incredibly large receivable account. Receivables make up 30 percent of total assets and short-term receivables make up 65 percent of current assets. Caterpillar has an acid-test ratio of 1.05 and an accounts receivable turnover of 1.40. Caterpillar, obviously, has taken on a large amount of risk to itself because of this. If Caterpillar were forced to liquidate its assets and pay off its debt, it would have a very hard time trying. Therefore, Caterpillars receivable account is a real weakness to the corporation as a whole. InventoriesInventories have been valued $871 million, an increase of $150 million from last year. This can be viewed in a multitude of ways. Caterpillar may be expecting larger sales volume, and are trying to compensate. Caterpillar could have inventory control problems. Usually, inventory increases are viewed as a negative with a company that should be in theory practicing a just in time approach. CashCash on hand is $398 million. This is only a $110 million increase from December 31, 1999. This means relatively little, as the cash flows for the corporation is what really matters. One look at the statement of cash flows indicates that Caterpillar keeps capital expenditures consistent quarter after quarter. The change in cash and short-term investments indicate the company is removing most of its liquidity. The movement from cash has been used to alleviate its debt. Property, Plant, and EquipmentSpending on longer-term assets has not fluctuated much for the past two years. This means they are not putting much money into production. A good deal of profit is spent increasingly on research and development and financing activities. Long term receivables from financingCaterpillar is the sole owner of Caterpillar Financing, a subsidiary company set up to handle the large amount of financing needed for a construction company to buy their equipment. Note also, that Caterpillars receivables mirror their sales in that they are split in different markets around the globe, making collection on them risky at best. In 1999, Caterpillar sold $1.66 billion of its receivables, and refinanced $594 million others to pay their own creditors. LiabilitiesLiabilities as a whole increased in 1999. In fact, on a percentage basis liabilities increased from 67 percent (1997 to 1998) to a 90 percent rise (1998 to 1999). Any further increase in percentages in the future could be dangerous to Caterpillar because their ability to pay their bills is harder from all the credit they give their customers. Outlook on financial futureCaterpillars board of directors indicate in the third quarter report to investors, that full year 2000 sales and revenues will be higher than in 1999. The outlook on 2001 is a slight increase in sales and revenues. Therefore, if CAT is to be profitable, they must reduce their own debt, and not add too much to their business. StrengthsCaterpillar Incorporation (CAT) is the world-leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines. Caterpillar has become the world leader because of its many strengths, which have propelled it to the top of the industry. It did not accomplish this superior status by just entering the market; it took a great deal of work and planning both internally and externally to become the world leader. Caterpillar has done well in the industrial machinery market because of its many strengths, some of which are stronger than others. Caterpillars strengths consist of its name recognition, worldwide market, internal marketing, mission for the future, Internet (website), giving back to the community, CAT financial (subsidiary), expansion, but most importantly staying at the top of its industry. Caterpillars biggest strength is the name recognition that it has earned by producing a high quality product. Everyone knows that Cat erpillar produces an extremely high quality industrial machine. Caterpillar has made this a main focus, because it knows that people today want to buy quality even if it means spending a little more money. When you as a consumer think of the name Caterpillar your first thought is quality, and that is what every company wants. Caterpillar has used its name recognition to not only become popular here in the United States, but also all over that world ( One of Caterpillars strengths is that it realized the United States market is only so big, so they expanded to the world market. Although Caterpillar does business overseas it still gets 50% of its sales from right here in the United States. Caterpillar has expanded to the Latin American, Australian, European, and now the China market. Caterpillar believes in making strong alliances with these countries, that way it can build on them for the future. Caterpillar never allowed for itself to become trapped in just a one-country market. By doing this Caterpillar has expanded it products to all of the top countries of the world, which allows for endless possibilities in the market. While expanding over the world market Caterpillar has kept its dealer network a key competitive edge over its competitors. The customers deal with people they know and trust. This is accomplished because most dealerships are locally owned, which allows the dealers to build close relationships with its customers . Most of the dealers are independent businesses, which have been on board for over 50 years. This allows the consumers to build a strong loyalty towards the dealers. There are 207 dealers serving the worldwide market of nearly 200 countries, and they are all locally owned for this reason ( Media violence EssayLabor ShortagesAs of right now, Caterpillar seeing a time when their business is thriving in most areas, but what does the future hold for Caterpillar. Just a short time ago, Caterpillar faced huge labor strike that could have crippled the company, but now those workers that once were striking, are now back at work. The majority of people working for Caterpillar right now are skilled at what they do, and have years of experience. Because of the difficulty of entering into one of the plants, there are not a lot of new workers that come in. Nine out of ten UAW people at Caterpillar make over $40,000 a year. Thats nearly a third better than the U.S. median. So you can see that once inside the organization, one of the employees wouldnt want to leave, and make room for new trainees. Despite all of these aforementioned things, Caterpillar is expected to have a labor shortage of over 15,000 technicians over the next 5 years (Barrons). Skilled older workers are retiring faster than they can be replaced, and mechanically oriented young people are finding steadier work, better pay and cleaner working conditions in Automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries. What it comes right down to is the simple fact that in todays job market, most employers are requiring that you have a degree, and even if the y dont require it, someone with a degree will get the job instead of you. Whats going to happen when all of Caterpillars skilled workers, who have been there for years retire from their job. The next generation of workers will have degrees in technological fields, and wont want to go work in a factory setting, when they could be making more money at a computer. Caterpillar and the UAWIf you were to fly into Peoria, Illinois in 1995, you would have encountered a billboard announcing Caterpillar Incr.s pride in its headquarters city. If you would continue on downtown and turn right across and Illinois river bridge, you would be in blue collar east Peoria, home to one of Caterpillars key plants.Here you would have found a less friendly message posted by the United Auto Workers. It stated You are entering a war zone. Caterpillar vs. Its UAW Workers. (American Enterprise)Since the fall of 1991, United Auto Workers have had walkouts or lockouts, one right after another. Even still in 1995, 10,000 CAT unionists were still behind picket lines. The BeginningSometime in 1990, the cooperative atmosphere on the shop floor began to change. The union says that it can be traced back to the day Donald V. Fites became Chairman and CEO. Fites, a civil engineer with a masters in management and an international career with the company, once expressed to an interviewer that a union blocks communication channels and adds a layer of inefficiency to an organization (American Enterprise). Fites pushed for more outscoring, more flexibility in work rules and fewer positions, all threats to union practices and privileges.In the immediate period before Fites took over, CAT had signed two UAW contracts in a row without a strike, the first time that had happened in over 30 years. The StrikeThrough 1991, tensions mounted. By 1992, the confrontation had become a full strike. That round ended with a whipped union, skulking back to work without a contract. Needless to say, this did not leave Union workers satisfied, and they began a campaign of signs, buttons and T-shirts with impolite comments about Fites, and CAT leadership. As the union intended, this did not make CATs floor supervision happy and the union got what they wanted by making the supervisors do things that the union knew they could complain about. There was over 120 National Labor Relations Board complaints against the company. Complaints were things such as illegal suspensions, discharges and preferential treatment of people who crossed picket lines. The UAW was now banned together with their disgusts for the company, so when another company wide strike was called in 1994, nearly all UAW members walked out (American Enterprise). Strike 2The next strike was characterized as a strike for unfair labor practices so that CAT couldnt legally replace the workers like in the previous strike. Workers held up signs like DEERE IS CAT TO ME, but CAT knows that its real competition lies in the German and Asian Market and not in U.S. companies such as Deere, Inc. UAW workers also stated that Caterpillar was trying to impoverish the working class, but this doesnt make a lot of sense, considering as we stated earlier, CAT employees make wages that, on average are a third better than the U.S. median. Labor Management negotiations often improve dramatically when one side begins to hurt, but neither group in Peoria would admit to any pain. Each striker was making $300 a week, plus fully paid insurance, while on strike. The monthly bill for the UAW internationally probably totals about $20 million. Cat workers, however, represent less then 2% of the membership of a union with a strike fund that is more than $900 million. Individual workers might be hurting, but as you can see, the union is not (American Enterprise). After the StrikeWhile the strike centers on important universal issues, the lines were clear-cut and the opponents well matched. Both CAT and the union have major intellectual and financial backing, as well as good reason to come to an agreement. However, the knowledge, skills and commitment needed to survive today in international business must be found on the plant floor as well as in the office. Noting the need for cooperation, the union local president asked What the hell are they going to do when they get that work force back in there? Whos going to cooperate?That quote is the basis for this weakness of Caterpillar, Inc. What is going to happen at the end of this contract when another one needs to be made? Are the employees of caterpillar still bitter about the strike? Are the supervisors and directors at Caterpillar still bitter? Only time will tell. Fites is no longer the Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar, so some problems with him may be solved. But there is no doubt that some bitterness is still present in both the floor and the towers of Caterpillar, Inc. For these reasons, Caterpillar may not be a good purchase of stock. They may be doing quite well now, but what if you invest money in them, only to see your money possibly be dwindled away by another bitter strike, or individual sales were contrived. Words/ Pages : 3,894 / 24

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Space Colonization Essay Research Paper SPACE COLONIZATION free essay sample

Space Colonization Essay, Research Paper SPACE COLONIZATION My five minute essay subject is infinite colonisation. There are three topographic points that I know of that the human race has thought of colonising. They are: The largest asteroid that is revolving in our solar system, the Moon and Mars. An asteroid There is an asteroid that is revolving in our solar system whose name I don # 8217 ; T know. This asteroid is made up of 60 % H2O, metal, and a small infinite dust. This star-shaped # 8217 ; s H2O is all in its solid province or ice. The metal that is on this asteroid is deserving 10 times the whole USA # 8217 ; s gross national merchandise per twelvemonth. When and if we journey to this asteroid we ( the Earth ) would non construct life infinites for worlds but set up mining operations to take back to earth the metals. The metals on this asteroid are gold, Fe, aluminium, and some other every other twenty-four hours metals. We will write a custom essay sample on Space Colonization Essay Research Paper SPACE COLONIZATION or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page One scientist suggested since there is ice on this asteroid, that NASA could possibly construct a steam powered projectile. This has neer been attempted. Since a steam powered vehicle runs on H2O before the projectile was traveling to go forth the asteroid the spacemans could run some ice and set it in to the fuel armored combat vehicle. If we try to make this I do non hold a twelvemonth that they might. The Moon There is besides a opportunity that sometime in the hereafter there will be moon colonisation. Traveling to the Moon is cheaper and closer than traveling to Mars, but more expensive and further off than traveling to the asteroid. Out of all three of my infinite colonisation sites the Moon is the lone 1 that we have already land on. Moon facts 1.We foremost landed on the Moon in 1969 2.John F. Kennedy was the president who foremost proposed this. 3.The last clip that we went to the Moon was in 1975. Red planets Red planets is the lone topographic point of these three that I have written about that we are get downing our operations to someday unrecorded in outer infinite. In 10-12 old ages we will direct a infinite trade to Mars with worlds onboard. When we go there we will be seeking for microscopic beings. We will besides seek for frozen H2O. Scientists have figured out a manner to alter Mars # 8217 ; heat. To make this they will first pump N, O and fluorocarbons into the Martian ambiance. This would do planetary heating. After all of this has stopped and it is warm plenty to back up worlds ( which will take about 200 old ages ) we will direct workss to Mars to supply nutrient and more O. When there is adequate O to back up worlds ( in approximately 900 old ages ) we will be able to direct the first people to Mars.

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Sumerian and Early Byzantine Christian Cultures †Art History Essay

Sumerian and Early Byzantine Christian Cultures – Art History Essay Free Online Research Papers Sumerian and Early Byzantine Christian Cultures Art History Essay The need for religious spaces and devotions has existed through many cultures, especially the Sumerian and Early Byzantine Christian cultures. The White Ziggurat Temple, built in 3000 BC by the Sumerians in the Mesopotamian regions used the top cella as a place to worship and the Early Christians, more than 3000 years later in Constantinople (Istanbul) created Saint Peters in 400 AD. Both these two buildings contributed to the religious and cultural advancement of these two different societies. The White Ziggurat contained a cella with an alter at the top that was used by the local leader to pray to their gods. The White Temple was large in magnitude. The effort put into the building of the mud-brick temple show a society putting their beliefs in their ziggurat. The orientation of the Sumerian White Ziggurat was faced toward the east, as was the Early Christian Church: Old Saint Peters. This orientation is shared in many other cultures as the sun rising brings reminisce of a new beginning. The Early Christian Church, Saint Old Peters is also used for prayer, but rather prayer toward the Christian Trinity. Old Saint Peters also shares a central cella with an alter, just as the White Ziggurat Temple had. The size was large in magnitude, but the longitudinal church was shaped to escape pagan beliefs. The White Ziggurat, unlike Old Saint Peters allowed more than just the local leader, but let in the people of Constantinople. In summary, the two structures contributed to religious advancement, cultural advancement, and shared the purpose of holding the structures sacred. Research Papers on Sumerian and Early Byzantine Christian Cultures - Art History EssayWhere Wild and West MeetCanaanite Influence on the Early Israelite ReligionBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoCapital PunishmentThe Spring and AutumnRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andThe Hockey GameThree Concepts of Psychodynamic

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Banker institutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Banker institutions - Essay Example Banker institutions play as an intermediary. It provides different types of financial services to both. Banker institutions contribute enormously and significantly in the expansion of economy of any country and development. It facilitates trade, savings and investment. These institutions work as intermediaries and with the help of several instrument and products for different segments of the population and facilitate their customers to grow all-round. The financial market consists of money market and capital market. The former consists of buying/selling of lending/borrowing instruments whereas the later concerns with share, equity etc. Human being is often called as social animal. As the society progresses needs of human being increased leaps and bounds. The earliest financial system comes into knowledge is the' Barter system' in which goods were exchanged. Later on when money comes into existence some sort of informal banking comes into the society. Banking history holds evidences way back to Babylonian civilization. Greeks hold further evidences of banking. Romans later on perfected the administrative aspect of banking and saw greater regulation of financial institutions. Modern economic and financial history is usually traced back to coffee houses of London. The London royal exchange was established in 1565. Banking offices were usually located near centers of trade and in the late 17th century the largest centers for commerce and trade were the ports of Amsterdam, London and Hamburg. By the early 1900s New York was beginning to emerge as a world financial center. Companies and individuals acquired large inves tments in (other) companies in the US and Europe, resulting in the first true market integration. This comparatively high level of market integration proved especially beneficial when World War I came-both sides in the conflict sought funds from the United States, by issuing new securities and selling existing holdings, though the Allied Powers raised by far the larger amounts. Being a lender to the world resulted in the largest growth of a financial economy to that point. Banks during the 1920s were with either the crash or the subsequent depression of the 1930s. Nonetheless, there were three prominent results from these events that had great effect on American banking. The first was the passage of the Banking Act of 1933 that provided for the Federal Deposit Insurance system and the Glass-Steagall provisions that completely separated commercial banking and securities activities. Second was the depression itself, which led in the end to World War II and a 30-year period in which ba nking was confined to basic, slow-growing deposit taking and loan making within a limited local market only. And third was the rising importance of the government in deciding financial matters, especially during the post-war recovery period. As a consequence, there was comparatively little for banks or securities firms to do from the early 1930s until the early 1960s. In the 1970s, a number of smaller crashes tied to the policies put in place following the depression, resulted in deregulation and privatization of government-owned enterprises in the 1980s, indicating that governments of industrial countries around the world found private-sector solutions to problems of economic growth and development preferable to state-operated, semi socialist